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Welcome to Next Message!

We have a perfect messaging solution for your business to connect with customers. View and respond to incoming orders with your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop!

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Innovative messaging solution for your business.

Managing your orders has never been this easy.

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No more standing in long lines !

One message relieves vendors and customers of long lines.

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Core Features Core features included in all plans.

  • Feature 1

    Mobile Friendly

    The Next Message platform works by your customer text messaging a phone number we have provided to you. You, the vendor, view those orders while logged into your online Next Message profile. Order numbers are automatically generated, and with the press of a button, a message goes back to your customer to pick up the order.

  • Feature 2

    Automated Messaging

    Our platform provides you with options to confirm an order is ready, request the customer return to clarify an order, or cancel an order altogether. There are also automatic confirmations to your customers when you have or have not received their message. This removes any potential confusion.

  • Feature 3

    Extremely customizable

    You can tell the platform during which times you'd like to receive orders via text message. There's also a "Pause" feature in case you need to take a break. Vendors with several locations may also establish multiple "stations" under one vendor name in the Next Message platform.

  • Feature 4

    Revenue Share Program

    The Next Message platform is a premium service that you offer your customers, should they wish to not stand in line to place an order. This service comes at an additional charge to the customer. The vendor collects this fee when the customer pays for the order. After your event, our platform generates a PDF bill and PayPal link for 75% of this convenience fee. For our RevShare Program, vendors keep the rest!